First of all, being a keynote speaker is great and awesome, now only high quality researchers (those they have many published papers, many citations, well known in network, and ..etc ) are invited, to be honest young researchers have less chance to be invited, here in SEAS Conference, we are different, send us your abstract, if the paper was accepted by the committee, congratulations!, you are the keynote speaker. We have no metrics and limitation when we speak about science. Only one metrics which is (your abstract, subject must be interested, well written, easy to learn and to understand, and ...etc)

To speak in one of well known universities around the world which is Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

To have the chance to learn firsthand about innovations in education and professional development.

SEAS Conference brings together the brightest learning professionals around the world, it is a better place to exchange ideas and to start a collaboration with many researchers from different countries. 

To increase your: LEADERSHIP - SKILLS - CULTURE:

LEADERSHIP – 60% of Global CEO’s polled by IBM cited ‘Creativity’ as THE most important leadership quality in business today.

SKILLS – The World Economic Forum says that ‘Creativity’ will be the third most important job skills required by 2020.

CULTURE – Only 39% of people in today's workforce consider themselves to be creative!

To Hear from the experts

Enjoy and Have fun with your peers from around the world.

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